Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Postal Inspector (1936)

If you don't know what to watch I suggest you try this film. I kept singing "You've never seen anything like it" from Doctor Dolittle as I watched this because I hadn't seen anything like it. Actually I've seen things like it, just not in one movie. This is a film that pretty much covers every types of genre you can think of so its perfect when you don't know what to watch.

Ricardo Cortez plays a postal inspector who meets up with a nightclub singer on a plane having trouble landing. The singer sings a song to help calm everyone. The plane lands and we find that the singers manager is Bela Lugosi, a Mexican business man in deep with the mob. After several scenes of Cortez showing what a postal inspector does the singer takes a shower and sings. A friend of Cortez is actually wooing the singer and everyone ends up at a night club where we get another song. Lugosi finds out that the younger inspector is going to be moving some old currency so he plots to steal it so he can get out of debt. A flood happens as the robbery goes down. There's another song before Cortez springs into action.

There's more and it all takes place in an hour. This movie just goes. it never stops. Well it does stop for the songs, but that's because its rather hard to get an orchestra to play during a speed boat chase.

As odd mixes of genre's go I'd be hard pressed to come up with one as loopy as this.

I have no idea if I liked it, but I do know its a unique viewing experience (actually I do like it, its just that the all inclusiveness of the film is more interesting then the film). If you want to see how to put mutually exclusive genres together and make it kind of work this is the movie for you. See it and you too can sing that you've never seen anything like it...

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