Thursday, June 10, 2010

NYAFF 2010 Tickets are on sale today

Its that time of year and the tickets for the New York Asian Film Festival went on sale this morning.(Though the tickets for the midnight screenings at the IFC Center have been on sale for a day or so.) Follow the link in the side Lincoln Center for ticket information on the show at the Walter Reade Theater. (You can follow the NYAFF link but that will get you two steps away.) (You’ll have to go to the Japan Society website to get the tickets for the screening there)

Prices are as follows :(This was lifted from the Festival Website):Link
Walter Reade Tickets:
Single Screening Tickets:
$12 general public
$8 students & seniors
$7 Film Society members

Weekday Matinee Screenings @ WR(Mon-Fri shows starting before 6pm)
$9 general public
$6 students & seniors
$5 Film Society members

Subway Ten Pack @ WR (admits one person to any ten films screening at the Walter Reade as part of the NYAFF, certain restrictions apply)
$99 general public
$69 students & seniors
$59 Film Society members

Japan Society Tickets:
$11 general public
$7 Japan Society members, students & seniors

IFC Center Tickets
$12.50 general public
$7.50 IFC members

Yes, I am going. Depending on how I make out when I try to get tickets it maybe as many as 21 screening plus I have another ten or so films on DVD. While I will be reporting each day from the festival I will have full reviews going up the week of July 19th starting with the complete version of John Woo’s Red Cliff which is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Period. You can find one film reviewed here at Unseen already by going back to February and looking for Bodyguards and Assassins since it was one of the first films I reviewed for the website.

The almost final count for me is 22 films (including a documentary running with Bodyguards). Plus there is another 16 films on DVD from both the NYAFF and Japan Cuts. (This doesn't include the possibility of three or four additional titles I might squeeze in one way or another.)
I will be very busy.

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