Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's time to get ready for this years Tribeca Film Festival

For me the Tribeca Film Festival is starting about three weeks early. I've already started in with press screenings which continue straight through the festival.

I’m absolutely thrilled to death about this years festival since as opposed to other years where there was only a handful of films I even remotely wanted to see, this year are 25 must see features for me, another 20 probably should see features and another 10 or 15 I could see if I need to fill a slot. Since the schedule has been up I’ve been wrestling with how to see the maximum number of films. I’m still wrestling with all of the schedules. (The film guide has the details of the films and tells you what is available on the computer portion of the festival as well as the pay per view portion)

My plan now is to work out a schedule of what I’m going to see. I have a bunch of things slotted in the next few weeks but I have yet to work out the actual festival screenings and the pay per view choices. I’m not sure if I'm getting a ticket package in the next few days or if I'm going to get single tickets. I have to work out a schedule and compare notes with some friends. (Ticket packages are on sale now but some are going off the middle of the week since that's when ticket fulfilment happens.)

As for posting reviews, I’ll be doing a series of posts on the films I’ve seen before hand, and then follow that up with posts from on the ground and in the theaters once things officially start. As is the norm for the blog the initial reviews will be brief and I’ll follow them up with longer posts after the fact. Of course I can’t say for certain that’s how it will go simply because I haven’t really started to wade into the screenings. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

This year I’m actually looking forward to the festival, which may amaze anyone who read my cranky posts from last years festival. I think it’s because this year there seem to be actually films that matter…or if not matter at least seem worth the time to see them. Things may change once I get on the ground and in the trenches, but for now I’m hopeful. It should be an interesting year at the festival, so keep reading.

For details on the films, tickets and the schedule check out the Tribeca website.

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