Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Warbus (1985)

Fleeing a Christian mission under Viet Cong attack, some soldiers and missionaries make their way into the jungle in a school bus. The bus is stopped and commandeered by some other soldiers in desperate need of transport. They take the bus for their mission, putting all on board in danger.

This solid action film isn't anything special other than it moves along at a good clip, and keeps things moving in such a way that it never has a chance to get dull or boring. The action scenes are suitably explosion-filled and the non-combat stuff is just different enough that you don't feel like you're getting bogged down in cliché. Never aspiring to be more that the action filled exploitation film that it is, the film manages to provide enough entertainment that you don't feel you've wasted your time. It's perfect for curling up on a couch and watching on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

I need to mention that the film has a belated sequel set in Afghanistan. It's not particularly good and not worth bothering with. It would be best to just watch this film a second time.

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