Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Santo contra hombres infernales(1961)

Today a brief write up of one of the many Luchadores (masked wrestler) movies that have been produced in Mexico over the last sixty years. I have a soft spot for many of the films since they are so of another culture that I can only admire that they have been around for so long. I can also enjoy the hell out of them because they are very often just a great deal of fun.

The plot of this one has Santo acting as a police agent helping to track down a drug ring.

Well made, but some what padded and slightly typical, action mystery but with the masked wrestler in the lead. The fact that everyone takes a masked man in stride is somehow refreshing and puts a spin on things a straight forward version of the story wouldn't have had.

The trouble here is that there are several instances where we see nothing but traveling, say driving. This may work during the opening credits where we pace the ambulance racing to the place where a man was shot, but there are a couple other incidence of where we just watch some one driving sown the road. Its good but it made me reach for the remote since nothing really happens.

Still its worth a look since this is one of the better masked wrestler films I've run across. Between 6 and 7 out of 10

This is currently out on DVD.


  1. Was the Ground Zero DVD subtitled in English?

  2. The version I had wasn't. But I think there are a couple of other Ground Zero Titles that were released with two editions one in English and one in Spanish... at least thats the way it seemed in the discount stores in NYC.