Saturday, April 2, 2011

Face (2004) aka Peiseu

A father, traumatized by the illness of his daughter, is asked to help the police reconstruct the face of yet another victim of a serial killer. Unable to cope at first he refuses, but with visitations by the ghost of the victim, plus the need to find out where his daughters transplanted heart may have come from, he begins to try to give life to the dead.

I really like this movie. It's not really a horror film, but more a drama with very strong supernatural overtones. Face has a few scares but is mostly a really good police drama. I know that many people expecting a balls-to-the-wall fright fest are disappointed but this quiet little film is a wonderful change of pace. Indeed the monsters here are human and the ghosts are merely victims. Those looking for something like Ju-On, Ringu, or other overt horror films should look elsewhere since this isn't that sort of movie. More concerned with character and the mystery at hand, this is a really good shift change from your typical horror movie. To its credit the film did make me jump three or four times, so there are some scares to be found, however more importantly this movie made me care about the characters and what was happening.

There is little to quibble about, pretty much everything in this movie works, with its only flaw being a confused time frame towards the end.

See this movie. Just because it's not a traditional horror film doesn't mean that you shouldn't take the time to see it. It's simply a really nice change. 8 out of 10. Put it onto the list of must sees.

I know this is out on DVD, you may have to hunt around for the right one since there are several films with the title Face out there.

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