Friday, April 15, 2011

Moebius, New York Asian Film Festival, Tribeca and other things

A few little bits.

First up, as we tweeted a week or so ago Unseen in now being mirrored on Tumblr. However the feed is erratic (we’re having a problems which delay the posting), however it’s there if you want to take a look. We’ll be working on getting that up and running and perhaps doing some alternative posts there. We’re still working that out and once Tribeca is done we’ll figure out where we’re going.

The last of the Korean Cultural Services free animated films is Tuesday. It’s called Audition. Sadly Unseen will not be there, but we are looking to attended the next series of films which will be independent films from Korea and the information can be found via the subway cinema website, specifically here.

Speaking of Subway Cinema, their run up to the New York Asian Film Festival begins on April 28th with a screening of Hell Driver at the Japan Society. It’s a big deal- trust me. First off it’s a benefit. Plus there will be appearances by the director and some of the cast. If that wasn’t good enough there is to be a cash only auction of props from the film. And if things couldn’t get better a party will follow with free food and drink. Plus they are going to announce the films for the film festival. I’m not going (I have a concert) however Mondocurry is locked and loaded and will be giving us the low down. Details can be found here.

Since it’s Friday and we’re going into the weekend and it’s double feature I just wanted to remind you to tune in since Eden will be continuing her series on the film work of the artist known as Moebius.

I need to tell you all that next Friday one of the best films of last year and one of the best horror films you’re ever likely to see, Stake Land will be hitting theaters and pay per view services on cable and satellite. You need to see this. (and if you forget I’ll remind you next week)

I mentioned Tribeca above, and that starts proper Wednesday with the free premiere of the Cameron Crowe film The Union at the World Financial Center. It’s about the making of the Elton John/Leon Russell album of the same name. You need to get a wristband at 4PM at BMCC. (Details can be found here).

For me the festival has already started. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been going to screenings since the end of March and as it stands now I’ve seen about 15 films and I have more films this weekend. I’ve seen some great films, some dogs and some okay films. I’ll begin to tell you about the films on Tuesday night with a summary of the films I’ve seen (which don’t have an embargoed review). Keep reading every day starting the 21st because reviews and check ins will be posted as I go.(And hopefully I won’t screw up things too badly since I am so awash in films I don’t know what day it is or when I can post what). Seriously I’ve seen a few films you’ll want to add to your must see list, and a couple to the avoid at all cost list. Between Mondocurry and myself we may manage to get you reviews of anywhere between 40 to 50 of the 104 features films screening.

That’s it for now, I have to go there are movies to see. Remember until the end of the month it’s going to be a busy time so look for the normal film a day schedule to expand to overload proportions, so check back often..

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