Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brainiac (Aka The Baron of Terror) (1962)

Today would have been my mom's 67th Birthday so it's time for one of my all time favorite popcorn films...The Brainiac.

This is a ridiculously silly film. It's so out there that you either except it's incredibly stupid premise and have fun or you don't and turn it off. I accept the stupid premise and I go for it.

Okay let me tell you the plot:

During the time of the Spanish Inquisition the tribunal finds a really bad guy and sentences him to death. As he's enjoying himself being burned alive he vows to return and exact revenge when the comet flying over head returns in some 400 years.

When the comet comes back he returns to earth and sets about getting revenge and eating brains. You see he's come back as a hideously hairy monster with a weird forked tongue that is used to suck out peoples brains. He also keeps a chilled dish of the grey matter on a sideboard in case he wants a nosh.

Yes it is as out there as it sounds and if you are turned to it's wave length its a blast. If you're not it's one of the the worst wtf experiences you can have. Is it any wonder that this was a staple of shows like Commander USA for decades?

I think this movie is wonderful.

I like it even more after hearing the commentary track on the now out of print Casa Negra DVD which makes it clear that the nuttiness was intentional. If you can find yourself a copy of that DVD get it because it will give you an appreciation for the film you might not otherwise have ever had.

Do yourself a favor, if you're going to try one way out there horror film from Mexico, try this one.

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