Friday, April 22, 2011

Mil Mascaras Double Feature

The final day of monster movies for my my mom's birthday and I'm going back into masked wrestler territory with a pair of films starring Mil Mascaras, who was the first masked wrestler I ever knew the name of. The pair of films were put out unsubtitled by the now defunct BCI as a double feature. While there are certainly better and more fun films with wrestlers in the lead, this pair has an abundance of the monster masked baddies my mom loved.

El Robo de las Momias de Guanajuato (1972)
Wild and weird film about a a Dracula like guy who rides around in what amounts to a horse drawn hearse. He is aided by five or six little people. He gets hooked up with a mad scientist with whom he resurrects a bunch of mummies and controls them with electronic means. A street kid and his dad see the mummies marching out the municipal cemetery and does the only logical thing, he goes to a wrestling match so he can tell Mil Mascaras about it. It seems Mascaras, his buddy the Blue Angel (Think of a wrestler with Captain America's head piece complete with large white A) , and another wrestler are also secret agents helped by buxom young women in tight red sweaters. The battle lines are drawn and it's Mil and his friends vs. the Dracula guy and the zombies.

A hoot and a half for much of the running time, the film is a technical mess with the mummies guys in various Halloween masks. The lighting seems to be rather a random affair with much of it seeming to be little more than a spot light aimed at whatever we are looking at. It's a bad movie lovers dream, and the sort of thing that Mystery Science Theater would have had a grand time with. On the other hand in the right frame of mind it's as non-taxing a guilty pleasure as you can find.

If there is any serious flaw in the ridiculous proceedings it's that there are simply too many sequences of people walking, from here to there. You could probably chop ten minutes out of this film with the removal of the walking. SO keep your remote handy.

Definitely worth a look if you're in a non serious silly mood.

Leyendas Macabras de la Colonia (1973)
Further masked wrestler madness starts off slow. Actually it starts off with the purchase of a painting and then shifts to a twenty minute wrestling match which serves NO real purpose (and is my new definition of filler.) After the match the painting transports our heroes (Mil Mascaras and two other wrestlers) and their women back in time to the period of the Inquisition. There they wander around while an evil woman tries to resurrect a mummy... oh and the whole thing is told by an oozing ghoul sitting at an organ.

Once the film gets going it moves at a good clip with truly bizarre event following bizarre event. I'm sure had I understood what was being said I might have thought it less strange, but I think not. Frankly, this is just one weird movie. I don't think it's a particularly good film, but it is a perfect bad movie party film with a steady stream of wacky nonsense to keep the pointed comments coming.

Recommended for anyone who likes monsters, sword fights and masked wrestlers all in one movie.

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