Saturday, December 30, 2023

Film Finds 2023

Every year there are some films that miss being on the best of the year list but which we still can't forget them- these are the film finds.

CASH COW -  one man passes the time of the lockdown by making a movie about all sorts of things....entertaining as all hell

WITH PETER BRADLEY - An awesome look at the artist and his life. This is like sitting and talking to him.

MAD CATS - Cats turned into women try to take over the world. Sooo much fun.

WORLD WAR III -Iranian film about reality and cinema colliding. The fact the film is on the Holocaust and from Iran is the reason you've probably never heard of it.

LITTLE RICHARD -CNN documentary is a magnificent celebration of the man

CRAWLSPACE - awesome action film about a man trapped in a crawlspace when bad people come to the house he's working on 

SADNESS AND JOY IN THE LIFE OF GIRAFFES- a young girl and her foul mouthed teddy bear go on adventure to get the Discovery channel

STAND BY FOR FAILURE - a wonderful look at the group known as Negativland

MOTHERLAND epic stop motion fantasy set in Lapland 

DEADLAND - a border patrol man finds a dying man...and then it get weird.

KITE  ZO A - must see doc about Haiti that will blow your mind

SATURN BOWLING - tense thriller about two brothers, one a cop and one a psycho

AMERICAN OUTLAWS - fact based tale of family on the run

KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONGS -portrait of Charles Fox, the man who wrote most of the TV theme songs you know

LOCALS ONLY story of a pub in Santa Barbara

KNOW YOUR PLACE a young man takes a suitcase of medicine across the city and we see the world

VIKING man volunteers for a program that mirrors one that is taking place on Mars. 

STAY WITH US - Jewish comedian returns to France to convert to Catholicism and the chaos it creates in his family

MINORE - magnificent horror film with echoes of HP Lovecraft

ECHO OF EVERYTHING it starts as a meditation on music and then goes all over the place in the best way

COFFEE TABLE - stomach turning horror film about a new table

SISU- one man beats the crap out of the Nazis

HAWAR- true story of a woman trying to connect with the daughter taken by Isis

ABRUPTIO - disturbing tale of a man with bomb in his neck told with puppets

KING OF WUXIA- three hour long look at the man who refined martial arts films

CATCHING DUST- noir thriller about a couple and the visitors who come to stay

DADDY ISSUES the story of a man who works in a dungeon and I dare not say another word.

GULLSPANG MIRACLE - the surprising story of a family

SOMEONE LIVES HERE - moving film about a man who wanted to help the homeless and was told to take a hike by the city

MOTHER OF ALL LIES- a wonderful look at memory an

YOURS IN PEACE,BILL BAIRD - inspiring portrait of the activist

RIGHT TO FIGHT - wonderful look at the history of women's boxing

THE WALK - moving look at a puppet who walked across Europe

HIT MAN - Soderbergh's latest is a fantastic and unexpected story.

LIMBO - two cops chase a serial killer in a visually stunning film noir

VISITORS COMPLETE EDITION - friends go to check on a friend and find the is a zombie.

JACKDAW - wonderful action film that will blow your mind

CLEAN UP DUTY a hit man and his target have a conversation

PHANTOM espionage thriller that is Agatha Christie meets balls to the wall action film

HUNDREDS OF BEAVERS silent comedy must be seen with a crowd. Its about a guy and some beavers

LEGEND AND THE BUTTERFLY - epic historical drama is a moving bio that turns into crushing action film

SINGLE 8 if you ever made any sort of film this film is for you

I AM COMEDIAN a Japanese comedian runs a foul of unwritten rules concerning free speech

I AM WHAT I AM story of a non-binary person who just wants to be 

PRIMEVALS Dave Allen's long unfinished stop motion film is finished and is so much fun

CORD OF LIFE - a musician takes his mother who is suffering dementia home

MIRACLE CLUB - a group of women go to Lourdes and find unexpected salvation

SAINT OF SECOND CHANCES portrait of a man who found life in baseball

BS HIGH portrait of a con man who ruined the lives of numerous kids by promising them college football scholarships

FALLEN LEAVES - wonderfully unexpected romance

FREUD'S LAST SESSION CS Lewis meets Sigmund Freud and the universe opens up

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