Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Invisible (2023) plays Thursday at CCFC x GBFC Film Festivus for the Holidays.

Ryan Nunes' INVISIBLE needs to be turned into a feature. Its a small gem  that has a big tale to tell.

The film tells the story of Riley, a young woman suffering from fibromyalgia. For those who don't know fibromyalgia is a nasty disease that puts those inflicted into terrible but invisible pain. You hurt like hell for no visible reason. The invisible nature of the disease causes many people not to understand what some one is feeling since  they can't see what's wrong. As a result it can be difficult to hold a job since attacks can keep you out for extended periods.

Nunes' film deals with all of that. It's a film that briefly sketches what people with invisible pain go through. Its a moving film that begins with a long monologue that lays it all out and then it goes from there.

The real truth is not only has Nunes made a great little film, but he has the seed of a great feature. Having friends with fibromyalgia I know he has gotten it right, and I also know that people haven't told this story before.And if they have I'm guessing it wasn't this full of humanity. Nunes really should try to expand this.

Until then we have a gem. It's a got a great story and a deeply moving performance from Madison Shmalo who does the near impossible- she makes up feel and understand

See this film.

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  1. Thank you so for your kind words, Steve. This was such a nice write up and hopefully we can turn it into a feature! :) thank you again!