Friday, December 22, 2023

The Crime Is Mine (2023) opens Christmas Day

THE CRIME IS MINE is based on a 1934 play by  Georges Berr and Louis Verneuil and it’s an absolute delight. The plot of the film has a desperate actress claiming to have killed a lecherous producer for the publicity. As she rides the notoriety to fortune complications, not the least of which is someone else steps forward to say that they were really the one who did it.

I had an absolute blast with this film. Yea I know that’s wearing my heart on my sleeve, but after weeks of serious year end films  seeing a really well done French farce with Isabelle Huppert in scene chewing supporting role just warmed the cockles of my heart and made me smile.

What an absolute joy.

While the film is mining the same sort of territory as CHICAGO, albeit in a gentler less cynical form, it still is a biting attack on the rich, the patriarchy, and the entertainment industry. You can feel the barbs as you laugh.

Yes there is a creakiness to bits of this, but that’s okay since it’s just part of the films period charm.

If you want something light to make you smile I can’t recommend this film enough

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