Friday, December 29, 2023

Worst of 2023

 There is some talk that we shouldn't have a worst of the year list but I think we need to warn people about the bad films out there

But I begin with the films that miss the mark by a wide margin but aren't wholly bad:


ONE NIGHT WITH ADELA- Laura Galan goes on a rampage  in one of the ugliest most mean spirited films you will ever see. Yea some of this works, but why is this a single take?
JE'VITA - a woman goes home and remembers her terrible life. It might have worked if things had been connected but they aren't.
BOUDICA- the life and times of the warrior queen is mostly a dull drama until the final battle
AGGRO DRIFT- Harmonie Korine  makes a scifi film based on the work of a rapper but other than looking cool it never comes together.
HERD- wildly too short zombie apocalypse tale that wants to be a character study but the plot and the world don't work.
KIDNAPPED-Marco Bellachio's latest is a simplified retelling of what happened when a Jewish boy was taken from his family and raised as a Catholic. It looks great but dramatically its just a sermon.

And now the films to avoid at all costs.

FIRENADO- passionless horror/scifi film where no one cared except for the money
STALKING FIELD- a great looking stupidly plotted version of the Most Dangerous Game
RIDE ON- disappointing Jackie Chan film has a couple great sequences but most it's Chan looking old beyond his years in a baddly plotted film.
THE MAIDEN- a film only NDNF could love
GUSH- NDNF plays a clip film
POUNDCAKE - One of my least favorite filmmakers Onur Turkel, makes a film about a serial killer in Brooklyn.
ARTHUR MALEDICTION- LucBesson's meta rethink horror film of his Minimoy saga is pure crap.
SONGS ABOUT FUCKING - a fans only rip off film about Marc Rebillet's post covid tour is just bad.
DO NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM THE END OF THE WORLD- two and a half hours of driving through Romania.
KITTY THE KILLER- terrible action film does everything wrong
#MANHOLE- after a night of Partying a man ends up at the bottom of a manhole. Its a film that ultimately  makes no sense and is largely on an unrealistic set
RISE THE SIYA KOWALSKI- sports biography is going to be tough for even fans of the star athlete.
SEEDING - huge WTF film about a man kidnapped and forced to live at the bottom of pit with a young woman. It makes zero sense on any level.
SILENT NIGHT- John Woo's laughably bad action film.
KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON- over hyped Scorsese film is full of self importance and laughable performances.

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