Sunday, December 17, 2023

Nightcap 12/17/23 - Random Notes

A couple of quick notes:

First a reminder that my end  of the year lists will be based on what I saw this calendar year. I see too much to play the olde film, new film, unreleased film game. It is for any film I first saw in 2023, regardless of when  the film was made.


Having now been part of an actual big critic organization voting I’m going to remind you that believe what individual critics put on their end of year lists. However be less trusting of a groups awards. I say that because what I saw from my small window was perfectly reflected by my experience doing the Unseen Film Awards. This is not a knock against any of the awards its simply that it’s a reminder that the awards are simply the best  of what’s agreed upon.


Speaking of the Unseen Film Awards…

I’m not in position to do full blown voting so I’m talking to a couple of people about maybe just doing something along the lines of 2020 when the award went to the Mads because they were they one thing that got people through covid.

I’ll keep you posted.


If the IRON CLAW fails to win any awards it was because of a misstep by A24.

The plan to screen the film late  for voters/critics was, in theory, a brilliant move because it allowed for it to appear after all the hype of the other films. The problem was that some FYC and critics screenings were late.  Many of the screenings were coming after various critic organizations started voting. I saw it the after my final votes were in because that was a screening that lined up with available window.

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