Monday, December 4, 2023

OUR SON (2023) opens Friday

Long entrenched couple (Billy Porter and Luke Evans) find their relationship cracking over the strain of life and how best to care for their son. As the relationship breaks will they be able to do what is best for their son?

Very good family drama is entertaining despite being somewhat by the numbers. We've been here before any number of times and thanks to a killer cast this film always makes it compelling viewing. Luke Evans and Billie Porter knock it out of the park as the couple at the center of the drama. They are clearly enjoying each other's company so much that it's hard to imagine that they would ever break up. Even during the arguments you see the love in their eyes for each other and you find it hard to see how they would leave each other (Watch the final scene and the way they look at each other).

As much as I enjoyed this film it isn't all that remarkable except that it marks the moment where Hollywood has given us a story of a break up where the fact that the couple at the center is gay and no one anywhere in it blinks. Years ago this sort of film would be Oscar bait and involve lots of hand wringing because it had a gay couple. Here it just is and we are better for it. (And honestly it's such a non issue that I didn't want to mention it, but some of the promotional material mentioned it)

And  please forgive my kvetching, but the film is being inflated for Tribeca. Frankly I just wish I had be able to see it with out the hype and take it for what it is, a lovely tale of family break up

Worth a look

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