Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Color Purple (2023) opens Christmas Day

This film version of the musical of the Alice Walker novel will move you to tears. The full on emotion in the story is amplified by the music. See this big if you can..

The film is the story Celie, a young girl sold by her father to a horrible man named Mister, but who manages to change the lives of everyone around her.

I saw the Broadway musical in it's original incarnation. I fell in love with the show and the songs. When I saw that there was a film version I was delighted and put it high on my must see list.

This film moved me to tears. Moments had me openly sobbing. This film kicks ass.

A large part of the reason the film works is the cast. Headed by the glorious Fantasia Barrino as Celie, everyone nails their roles. They are so good that I had no idea who was who for many of the roles. For example Coleman Domingo who is my choice for Best Actor for his work in RUSTIN is so good as Mister I didn't connect him to the role.  The only person who stood out was Taraji P. Henson as ,Shug, but that is understandable since she is supposed to be a person who makes an impact, which she does.

If the film wobbles anywhere it's in the plotting. Tweaking things further from the show (which tweaked things from the novel)  some of the story threads don't entirely move as well as they could. A few moments could have used a few moments more to strengthen the resonances. Fortunately the songs are strong enough to carry the emotions. (And the new songs fit in seamlessly)

Also helping are some things that you can only do with film. For example the way the film opens up with the arrival of Shug. The bigger dance numbers make this something special (I love the dance at the movies)

This film is cinematic magic see it and have your soul soar.

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