Friday, December 1, 2023

Tapawingo (2023) Dances With Films New York 2023

John Heder plays Nate Skoog a misfit who ends up acting as a bodyguard and taking on the bullies in his town.

Ever wonder what Napolean Dynamite would be doing 20 years on? This film will answer that, not officially but that's what this is. Heder is playing this exactly like Dynamite which is going to make it a make or break thing for several people I know.  If you like Dynamite odds are you'll love this, if not this film may make you crazy.

If you are on the fence know that the cast includes Gina Gerson, John Ratzenberger, Billy Zane, Chris Gethard and other great actors who sell the nonsense for more than it's probably worth.

Yes I enjoyed the film. No I hated Napoleon Dynamite. That said I'm not sure what your take will be since the mannered comedy is not for everyone.

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