Friday, December 1, 2023

The pilot for the web series XANDER (2023) Dances with NYC 2023

After his only friend dies Luke is left a genie in a bottle. Luke doesn't realize there is a genie inside the jar sometime later. The genie is a nice guy who will grant him one wish- but if wishes the genie will leave and he will lose his only friend.

This is very good short. It's full of great characters and solid writing. It's one of the few recent non-genre short films I've seen recently that wasn't all blood and thunder on recent events or set in a restaurant or featuring a young couple. This was an effort to just tell the story of a young man with no friends and his genie.

And I hear you saying but this isn't a short film, it's the pilot for a web series and you would be absolutely right... to a point. The trouble is that as the film exists now it kind of ends with things kind of resolved and not leaving any real place to go next. I'm sure you could but it isn't like most first episodes which end with a sense that there is more of a story to tell. While I would love to be wrong I don't know where this would go.

Uncertainty of future episodes aside, what is here is choice and worth a look.

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