Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Examination 1977

Good little Chinese film about the cracking of the cultural revolution and the possibility of something more when the Communist Party opened up university exams to everyone across the country. The story is set on a collective farm (I think) in the wilds of China where the men and women there take back the land for agricultural use. Not everyone is there willingly and most want to escape to a better life, a possibility that doesn't exist with out getting into school.

Well acted drama juggles a good number of characters but never feels like its too many. I really liked the film and the fact that I took to the characters really surprised me.

This was one of the many films that I've picked up rather blindly in Chinatown based solely on the DVD cover art. I had no idea what it was about other than it didn't look like the urban dramas it was mixed in with. You have to be an adventurous sort to do that since more often than not you run a real risk of getting something that isn't pictures (as in a drama and not an action film). I like to take chances (most of the time I do it I'll only pay a dollar or two or maybe five,) with the result that I've found some absolute winners and I've found some drink coasters. This is decidedly not a drink coaster, its one of the better films I've run across (its something I would happily see again).

If you can manage to find a copy I recommend trying it.
Its good enough that I would actually like to see it again, which says a great deal. Should you ever run across it (A slim chance I know) I recommend it.

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