Friday, July 30, 2010

Ship of Monsters

If you like monsters this is for you. I can't do better than what I said in the review I posted at IMDB so here it is:

It's a must see movie for anyone who loves 1950's style scifi , Mexican movies or movies that are in their own little universe (which this one most certainly is).

This is a Mexican scifi/monster/western/musical/comedy/horror film. It concerns a space ship piloted by two women (think Cat Women of the Moon or Queen of Outer Space) who land on earth with a ship of monsters. They get mixed up with a Mexican cowboy who's prone to song and who falls in love with one of the women. As you can guess the monsters get loose and pandemonium ensues.

Wow, wow and wow.

This is a fun film that is NOT a so good its bad film, its just a fun little movie that is very good on its own terms. Its clear that everyone knows that what they are doing is silly but they play it straight anyway and seem to be having a good time.

Being a monster junkie I was in heaven. Not only is there a great looking robot, but a strange talking skeleton, a weird little guy with a brain like head, a furry guy with long arms. a giant monster of some sort, a vampire and something else. Its a a wonderful assortment of monsters of the clearly men in suit variety. You'll laugh at them and probably find them charmingly hokey.

I really loved this film. Its a 9 out of 10 for me for the simple reason that I had to see this with out any English translation. Somehow I think that had I seen this in English this would have been even better since from the few words I could grasp it seemed to strike the right balance between serious and silly.

If you get the chance see this movie, its just a lot of fun and it will make you feel good.

I picked up the film from a dealer. I don't think this film has had a proper US release, yet.

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