Friday, July 16, 2010

Death Dimension (1978)

This is one of the films that best shows how silly some exploitation films of the 1970's could be and still be entertaining.

The plot has a scientist making a freeze bomb for a gangster who intends to sell it the highest bidder. The scientist implants a microchip into the brow of his comely assistant and sends her off to get the information to the proper authorities. The scientist then burns his notes and commits suicide to prevent the weapon from getting into the wrong hands. In police headquarters Jim Kelly is assigned to find the assistant and to get the goods on the bad guy. Of course Jim Kelly is barely on the case when people begin to take a run at him. From there the film progresses in a series of very good action sequences punctuated by dialog scenes that drive the plot into a completely nonsensical direction.

In all honesty the film makes no sense what so ever but you won't mind because the film moves along at a good clip. The film's nonsensical plotting also assures that you're going to continue watching simply to see where its all going. Where its heading is toward a truly unbelievable ending that had me scan back and playing it a second time (thankfully its just as funny the second time.) Kelly, co-star of Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon and well known in some circles as the star of Black Belt Jones is one of the few American stars who consistently made good martial arts films. He's one actor who could both act well in the dramatic scenes and look like his fights were more than staged fights (Kelly always looks like he could hold his own in real life). I think the reason that this film works at all is simply because he is such a good actor that he sells the utter nonsense happening around him.

Is this a great film? No, actually it's probably not even a good one, but its an enjoyable one that's worth a bowl of popcorn and a soda.

Its out on discount DVD and in some multi-film sets.

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