Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NYAFF 2010- Day 9 WTF

Quiet during the screenings this afternoon. Not much to say beyond that.

As one guy said Kubrick meets Jodorowsky meets Nacho Libre and I would add Gilliam or Stephen Wright or Eddie Izzard. Its two seemingly unrelated tales, a man stuck in a weird white room and the story of Mexican wrestlers. I can't explain more with out telling you the whole plot. Head trip film slowly builds to a conclusion and some of the biggest laughs of the year. I hurt myself. Not the greatest film ever made but a must see for anyone who likes slowly building films that have a real brain behind them. (Th director/ star did the wonderful Big Man Japan which is a must see)

Dormon Seman (2010)
The NYAFF write up is wrong. The basic plot about Mr Abe and some of the characters is right but the rest about it being an occult ritual, a horror film, mind bending ect ect is wildly off. This is more a comedy with a supernatural and dark edge. The film has been talked up by anyone and everyone who's seen it since Monday as a film no one is sure they liked but which is still something people should see. Why? Its not that good. A confused start made me want to leave and I swore I'd stay at least until the hour point. I stayed to the end because somewhere the film picked up a plot and the possibility it might be a low rent something. The trouble was it self destructed into nonsense at the end and all I could think about was the missed opportunity. A mess. A failure. And a disappointment. Right now I'm too unhappy to say more.

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