Friday, July 2, 2010

NYAFF 2010- Day 6 I broke a tooth

Apparently you can break a tooth on a Red Velvet cup cake. Its okay but along with being tired (about four hours sleep for the second night in a row) made today a tough go.

One bit of news gleaned today is that it appears no US company wants to release Little Big Soldier one of Jackie Chan's best films ever. As we commented to each other its a sad day when the terrible Spy Next Door can get a release and a good film can't.

And the films didn't help the mood either-

True story of the massacre of Korean civilians in 1950 by US troops. Told in a matter of fact, almost you are there style (almost because there are too many famous faces in it) this film is a kick in the face. Its horribly tragic. I'll let the film work you over. Know its probably one of the best films of the year but you'll admire it more than you like it. I mean why would anyone watch this, surely not for entertainment. An amazing film, but I don't want to see it again. Worse coming on the heels of Confessions my brain exploded.

The film inspired shouts at the end of the film about this still happening. In the lobby there were heated, damn near violent arguments about the film and US policy which caused the ushers to toss the people arguing.

Possibly the blandest film I've seen in that it resembles a big summer blockbuster. Basically its the story of a former South Korean spy hunter back on the trail when he hooks up with a North Korean spy. the pair have a history, both being on the opposite side of an operation that went horribly wrong. Its good but I wasn't in the mood and I walked out knowing its soon to be on DVD (at least overseas) and because the tooth and the tiredness wore me down. Its not a bad film, its just not remarkable enough to warrant real notice.

and with that bed...tomorrow two Japanese Gore films.

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