Friday, July 9, 2010

NYAFF 2010- The end

Went to the last film of the film festival for this year Blades of Blood, or as the subtitles put it to the cheers of the audience Lades of Blood.

It was a quietly crazy night with the audience award handed out (A tie between Gallants and Castaway on the Moon- neither of which has a us releasing deal and both of which will show up on the week of full reviews for festival films starting on July 19.), prizes were given and a film was screened while the guys behind the festival went off to celebrate a job well done.

Blades of Blood is best described as Zatoichi meets Karate Kid as a blind swordsmen helps the bastard son of a lord take revenge against a general who is trying to take over Korea as the Japanese invade. Its a politically charged but pretty straight forward film that has enough action to satisfy any action lover. The trouble is the political plot gets too confused and the films advice "to keep things simple" is blown all to hell. By the time between the lead villain and the blind sword master come to blows the film is seriously beginning to slide in to WTF territory. The fight ends and the film still has twenty minutes to go and that's when the nonsense really piles up with an ending that sent several to the exits before it was all sorted out. Its mostly a good film but somewhere what the director wanted to say messed up a good action film.

Almost a good way to end a film festival.

Over the weekend I'll write up a closing piece on this years festival...which was fun.

Now, as I've closed most of these posts its time for bed.

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