Sunday, July 4, 2010

NYAFF 2010 Day 7 Japan Gore

Tonight was the launch of a new video line Sushi Typhoon to release films like the two tonight- Alien Vs Ninja and Mutant Girl Squad.

What can I say it was a wild and wanton night with the directors of the second film in diapers and the director and star of the first as ninjas. It was just insane. I can't say more than that because I was laughing too hard.

The films are typical blood soaked Japanese gore madness, then again they are better than most similar films like this.

Alien Vs Ninja has a bunch of aliens crashing into feudal Japan and fighting ninjas. That's about it, which is fine. Low budget but a great deal of fun.

Mutant Girl Squad is a gore version of X-men with really bad taste (you don't want to know where the blades or the chainsaw come out of the young ladies.) Its low brow but very very funny. Frankly this is the best film of this type I've seen. Its non stop jokes and gore.

And before you ask there is no redeeming quality to either of the films, but they are fun.

That's it. It was another late night. As for tomorrow it may be a bust because of a really sore back. Apparently the festival is breaking me physically.

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