Friday, July 2, 2010

NYAFF 2010 -Day 5

Long day at the Japan Society. The movies went long and there was a bit of confusion. High point was talking with Dave and Shigeko. (If I get the okay I'm going to post links to Dave's write ups of the festival since he's doing the experience a justice I'm too tired to give)

The movies tonight:

Sawako Decides
A loser who ran away from home goes back five years later when her father is dying. Love letter to the lower middle undercuts its characters by not aiming very high. It gets better as it goes on, but it could have been better. Its way too dead pan at times.

Hottest ticket in Japan (guests from Japan were glad to come to NY because they could attend a screening since its selling out in Japan) comes to NYAFF and is the the hottest ticket. Disturbing, but wildly over hyped and the sort of thing that is form over content hiding a plot that makes zero sense if you think about it. It begins with a teacher informing her students that she knows that two of them killed her daughter and that it wasn't an accident and she's going to get revenge...and she does in spades. The inhumanity of men and women is revealed and it may mess you up...or not. This needs a longer write up because it's too complex a film to do justice to in a short bit like this- but all I have to say is know as little as possible and don't believe the hype.

Its 230 and I'm working night everyone.

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