Monday, October 28, 2013

Evidence (2011)

Recommended to me by Bob McLain, this found footage film seems to be completely off the radar. I could not find a copy of it anywhere until I found it on Vimeo (the link has long since been taken down).  The film was described to be as being just okay to start been then getting weirder and more disturbing as it goes on until it goes balls to the wall in the final half (the film only runs about 75 minutes)...having seen it I can say that the description is dead on.

The plot of the film has four friends going camping. The first night out they hear weird noises around them which they take to be coyotes. Well that's what they try to convince themselves it is  The next night weird more noises are heard and strange things begin happening.  It isn't long before they are under siege and trying to stay alive.

To be quite honest the film doesn't make a great deal of sense, but then again if you were trapped in the situation I doubt things would make sense to you either. I'm at a loss to explain much of it and while the gaps in logic really bothered me to start (I mean why are they filming some of this and why doesn't the battery die) there is this point where logic and reason go out the window and you stop wanting to turn the film off because it's not particularly special and it becomes you want to turn the film off because its just f-ed up.  I don't like how this film made me feel- I mean that in a good way.

Is this a good film? If you look at logically, probably not. I mean the story isn't anything special, the found footage/POV doesn't always make sense however on the other hand the film just turns so bat shit crazy in the second half that you really have to go with it. There is a visceralness to much of what happens that reaches out and pulls you along. As I said I wanted to look away but couldn't.

Worth a look if you can track it down.

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