Friday, October 25, 2013

Evidence of Revision (2006)

Daunting and exhilerating ten and a half hour look at the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations with side trips into organized crime, mind crontrol and Jonestown

Stitched together from other sources, both news reports, documentaries, interview pieces and other sources. Evidence of Revision is frequently one hell of a killer historical document, never mind the subject matter.

The thesis of the film is that the John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Assassinations were all conspiracies, perpetrated by people connected to the government (LBJ, CIA) and covered up in part thanks to J Edgar Hoover. I don’t know if the film ever proves who actually was behind the killings* however thanks to the use of simple news footage they make it clear that something more than the story reported in the history books was afoot.

I’m not going to wade into a discussion of the conspiracy that the film sets out. This is not laziness on my part nor is it any sort of commentary about the validity or lack thereof, its simply that the entirety of the series is ten hours long and that any detailed discussion of the material would take up the better part of a large book. It would also require sitting down and spending several weeks going backward and forward through the series, which as of this writing is time I don’t have. Pieces in part one ties into part six. It’s a stunning achievement and if you can get through some odd technical hiccups due to the variety of sources the film provides real food for thought.

While I’m not going to discuss the conspiracy, I will discuss the most extraordinary assemblage of either the JFK and RFK assassinations and their aftermaths you have ever seen. What Terrance Raymond has done is truly brilliant and amazing. Weaving together all surviving footage into a chronological narrative the film puts you there in the moment in a way that I’ve never experienced. Events, where possible transpire in real time. If there are multiple camera angles, as there are with Oswald’s shooting and Sirhan Sirhan’s arrest, you see the events in split screen or in multiple images. You couldn’t have seen events this well even if you were there in the moment. If it were a film it would get an Oscar, or if it was a network TV show it would get an Emmy.

Even if you don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of conspiracy Evidence of Revision should be seen for parts One and 4 which detail the life, deaths and aftermath of the Kennedy brothers.

Yes its that good.

The series can be found on You Tube and other websites and is highly recommended for the history, if not the speculation.

Article on Terrance Raymond

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  1. It claims to answer who; so we The PEOPLE can GetOn with the prosecution of the perps in the BushCOup! Spill !!