Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ABOUT TIME very briefly at the New York Film Festival 2013

I saw saw Richard Curtis's ABOUT TIME at a packed press screening a couple of weeks back. Its a sweet little romantic comedy about a young man who finds out that he can travel backward in time with in his own existence. All he wants to do is use it to find a girlfriend...

The audience I saw it with ate it up. I on the other hand could appreciate what it was doing and laugh at the jokes but it was a bit to slick for my mood. I was so not in the mood for the film that I put off writing about it because it was simply didn't have much to say. I figured I would come around at some point... well I didn't and since it's playing later today at the festival I figured I might as well say something. to that end I've composed the following brief review:

If you liked any of the other romantic comedies that Richard Curtis has written or directed (Love Actually, Notting Hill) odds are you'll like this.

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