Monday, October 28, 2013

Cemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore) (1994) Scary Movies 7

Strange horror comedy based on a novel by the author of the Dylan Dog comic book, Tiziano Sclavi is a mixed bag. Nominally the story of Francesco Dellamorte a man who is the cemetery care taker in a small Italian village the film spins off into some truly weird directions, chief among them is that seven days after burial the dead rise up and have to be killed. Things get weirder from there.

Until I saw the film to write it up for the Scary Movie 7 series I had managed never to see this film. I am a fan of the Dylan Dog comic and a fan of star Rupert Everett, so seeing the film should have been a no brainer. Unfortunately reaction to the film was really mixed, actually mixed to negative so it never was priority to see it.

Now having seen it I'm very mixed as well.

Yes the cast is good and all the bits work, hell there is a wonderful sense of unease to it all,  but at the same time this film is just weird, I mean really weird. The hows and whys of what is going on, hell even some of the things that go on, are so off the deep end that you kind of have to just go with things. I mean what is the deal with the ending? I don't know. I suspect that the story makes some sort of sense as a novel but as a film it's simply one of those Italian horror films that is full of doom and gloom and feeling but not meaning.

The film plays Thursday at Lincoln Center.  If you like Italian strange give it a shot.

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