Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some brief words on Five Dances (2013)

I'm probably the wrong audience for this film since I am not particularly a dance fan, on the other hand the best thing in this film is the dance sequences and they are worth the price of admission.

FIVE DANCES is the story of a small company of dancers working to perfect a series of dance pieces. As we see them perfecting the dances we follow as a young man named Chip has to deal with being away from home as his fractured family makes demands on him just as he is exploring his passions.

The cast of largely unknown actors is very good. There is sense that what we are seeing could be their lives. This is a story that is clearly close to everyone's heart. It feels like a labor of love.

Unfortunately something here doesn't completely work. I'm not sure if it's the script which gives us only glimpses of some of the characters lives and leaves us with a sense that we should know more. I'm not sure if it's in the writing of the Chip character which makes him just a tad too naive. Nor I'm not sure if it's the limited camera set ups and movement which seems to forever locked in one corner of the dance room (which I know is due to the mirrored wall). What ever the reason the film never fully worked for me. It's never bad, it is actually quite good, but on the other hand I get the sense that this should have been better if only they had done something more with it (curse you limited budget).

On the other hand the film comes wonderfully alive during the dance sequences. When image meets music the film finally pops into full life. Not being a dance fan I can't really tell you what or why, other than to say I they have some real oh wow moments and make the film worth seeing.

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