Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nightcap 10/20/13 - A rundown rundown

Hoops and some yoyo - photo thanks to Mondocurry

Standing in the detritus of the last month and a half I’m glad just to be standing. The New York Film Festival along with Comic Con have taken their toll on my physically and mentally. It’s a been a wild bunch of weeks. Standing here in the silence I realize that things will start up again as four festivals and conventions slam into the New York area this week.

First up is the Gold Coast Film Festival. This one is out by me on Long Island and while I’ve seen a good number of the films I’m hoping to see a few more.

The Korean American Film Festival is this week as well and we’ve got reviews in the cue and looking to do more. Last year we made a few friends as a result of the fest and I discovered one of my favorite films of all time Girl Walk//All Day.

There is the Puppets on Film Festival at BAM

And of course Halloween being 11 days away next weekend is Chiller Theater in New Jersey. A large contingent of Unseen Films writers will be there.

And don't have me look beyond that since there are a minimum of five more festivals creeping up before Christmas  (Doc NYC, South Asian Film Festival, Scary Movies, The Wrestling Film Festival  and the NYC Horror Film Festival. I need to tell you that tickets are on sale for DOC NYC and Lincoln Center's Scary Movies 7)

As for what has passed- Comic Con was, as I said in my day 4 piece, better in the second half.

The New York Film Festival got better in the second half as well, pulling out some  films many consider gems in Blue is the Warmest Color, Only Lovers Left Alive and Her. Reviews for some of those will be appearing soon,  with a review of Blue and my take on Tim's Vermeer going up this week. (I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do a proper wrap up post but I would like to say while it wasn’t as great as past years, it still was a damn bit of fun. Onward to next year)

I should point out that if you look in the sidebar under contributors you'll see we've kidnapped up a new one. Some of you may recognize the man of many hats from his work across the web (Flixist, Treble,and elsewhere) in which case you'll understand how lucky we are to have him here. If you don't know him, you soon will. In either case I'd like to welcome Hubert aboard to Unseen Films.

Lastly a bunch of links split between Randi and myself

Banksy designed garden in a truck
Crumbling Cable Cars
John Waters on Vincent Price
Questions about what really happened with Captain Phillips
Flesh Eating Zombie Drug
Japanese photographer shoots his adorable daughter
Bladerunner as black and whiite noir.

This week is going to be a largely double dip week with conspiracy documentaries all week and some new releases and film festival related titles later in the day.

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