Friday, October 4, 2013

Sandro Aguilar: Dive Approach and Exit -From the New York Film Festival 2013's Views from the Avant-Garde

I am really mixed about Avant-Garde films. Some I like, manny are okay, and a good number of them I want to toss out the window. Being an open minded guy I do try the films as I come across them. This year I took the time and saw a couple of press screenings of films that are running in the huge Avant-Garde sidebar. (No offense guys this should be a festival unto itself)

The collections of shorts I saw made up the Sandro Aguilar: Dive Approach and Exit collection which will run later today.

I'm going to be honest here and say while I admired the visuals of all of the films anything beyond that was lost. I don't see the point. Call me heathen, but god damn the films were kind of pointless.

For the record the films screened were:

DIVE: APPROACH AND EXIT (12m) which involves a man on a dock getting into a wet suit so he can do a night inspection
SIGNS OF STILLNESS OUT OF MEANINGLESS THINGS (28m)- This film was run without subtitles and concerns a diver, a man collecting things in the wilderness, a woman with two kids in a museum/lab and a man wandering around said museum/lab with a flashlight. It looks identical to the previous film in someways but the lack of subtitles reduced any understanding.
MERCURIO (MERCURY) (18m) A man meets a woman in a car while we view things throughreflections of trees through windows
ARQUIVO (ARCHIVE) (19m) We watch a fish die.

I leave the choice to see them or not up to you.

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