Friday, October 18, 2013

Help finish Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones and Director Maria Cabardo

I have just seen something wondrous and I need you all to get over to the website for the film BETTER THINGS: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones and donate some money to help pay off the cost of finishing the film. The film is a look at the life and art of Jeffrey Catherine Jones, who most people know as a comic book artist, but who was actually something greater.

No seriously I need you to do this now. I need you to give as much as you can as soon as you can because this film is absolutely amazing. While nominally about artist Jeffrey Jones, the film also is about the creative process and how some people need to create. This is one of those great movies that is about more than just it's stated subject.

You have to help cover costs for this film because it's truly amazing. No, it is, really. It's so amazing that I am incapable of reviewing the film right now. I mean the film put me somewhere past words- well not really past words- the first words were watching it were "Oh Wow" and that was followed by "Oh F%$" as I started to get misty at the beauty of the art and the sentiment. Clearly director Maria Cabardo took the idiom of do what you love to heart and she knocked it out of the box.

But anyway this isn't a review, that will be coming. Instead this is a request that you open your wallets and help get the film paid off.

Over the weekend I got to meet director Maria Cabardo when she was part of a panel about making movies about making comics at New York Comic Con (a report on the panel is here), During the panel and again in our brief discussion she mentioned that she was still trying to get money to finish the film. To that end she has put some of the donated art up for sale at Comic Art Fans and it can be found here. She said that even though the pieces are marked at a certain price she is open to negotiating.

If you can't afford the art you can donate by going to the film website here which has a link so that you can donate to the cause (It also has art, videos and other stuff from the film). Ms Cabardo has informed me that she still has some of the goodies she was offering from an earlier funding attempt  and if you contact her ( ) she'll send out something to you in exchange for the cash.
To give you an idea of what she has available I've taken the info from the earlier funding attempt. You'll have to contact Ms Cabardo  about what she has and what she can send you. (A word about the DVD's:  Ms Cabardo informs me that the DVDs aren't really available since she has signed a deal with a distributor and they have control of the DVD release)

One specially designed movie poster.

6-8 randomly selected artwork from the donated pieces from the Jones Artbook. Some of the featured artists are: Rick Berry, James Gurney, Rebecca Guay, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jeff Miracola, and others. The cover is a JCJ watercolor painting donated by Robert Wiener from Donald E. Grant Books.


A real attention grabber, use it for your books or when shopping. It features one of your favorite JCJ artwork printed in color. Plus a collection of postcards featuring art from the Artbook.

Your choice of T-shirt -- With or without the headline Fantastic Lesbian. It is a very limited edition that comes in 3 colors, White, Gray, or Pink. S, M, L, XL. Add 5.00 more for larger sizes.

An amazing collection of artwork from artists in the comics, publishing, role-playing, and entertainment field. This book is dedicated to help fund BETTER THINGS and was only made possible by their generosity and willingness to help get Jones' story and art to the world. It contains 48 pgs of color and black and white work. (I've seen the book it's amazing- if you want to see whats in it check the Comic Art Fans Page and the film website)

ARTBOOK + Postcards + DVD
A limited edition artbook showcasing works from artists inspired by JCJ. (Most of these pieces were generously created by the artists for an auction to raise money for the film). A DVD of the film TO BE SHIPPED ONCE IT HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED BY A DISTRIBUTOR along with a set of 6-8 postcards featuring artwork randomly selected from the Artbook. Updates on the DVD release date will be posted to the film’s website and Facebook page. This applies to all the DVD rewards.(DVD not available)

Here's your chance to own a signed and numbered 4-color offset lithograph by Jeffrey Catherine Jones. Title: Carol, Size: 18 1/2 x 20 1/4 inches. Courtesy of Glimmer Graphics.

You get the Artbook, a canvas bag with JCJ artwork and a DVD of the film with EXTRA BONUS FOOTAGE. In addition to all that, your name will appear on a thank you credit in the BONUS DVD. (DVD not available)

As I said you'll have to speak with Ms Cabardo about what she has and what she will send you for what price.

Please do yourself a favor- get involved in making this film break even. Its a great film that deserves to turn a profit.

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