Friday, February 16, 2024

GET GOTTI (2023)

Netflix takes us into the effort to bring down John Gotti. It charts the course of the mob leader from foot soldier to the man who would ultimately destroy the mafia by bringing attention to the organization in ways that made it easy to take them down.

This is a great companion piece to Netflix earlier FEAR CITY, this film shows in great deal how one vein man put a target on everyone in organized crime. Expanding on the earlier film's tale this gives us all the details of how the Gotti and the mob went down, once the various agencies stopped being lone wolves and worked together. 

This was another Netflix doc that I pretty much main lined. Buried with festival films I wanted something different than the pre-programmed things I was watching. Starting the series one night I found I lost two nights of watching this.

I loved this. I loved that I fell into it. Mostly I loved that the series wonderfully laid everything out in detail. Other versions of the story always felt rushed. That's not the case here, time is taken and we really get to understand what happened. 

What delight.

I can't wait to revisit.

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