Thursday, February 1, 2024

Killer Inside:In the Mind of Aaron Hernandez (2020)


Three part look at the life of former football player and convicted killer Aaron Hernandez. The film hopes to put what happened into some sort of context and the result is a sad little tale about a guy who had no support and as a result ended up in in jail.

If you are looking for film that is going to focus purely on Hernandez’s crimes you are going to be disappointed. Focusing on the man himself the film seeks find out why he did what he did. Delving into the toxic environment he grew up in, his father was a macho guy who demanded certain behavior and his mother while loving, had her own issues (she took up with the husband of Hernandez’s cousin right after his father died). Hernandez was also a closeted gay man who may have killed one of his victims because he was going to out him.

While the series could probably have been trimmed and tightened  a bit, this is for the most part a trip on the sad side. This is a look at a guy who by all accounts was, assuming he was being kept under control, a nice guy. When he was not supervised and allowed to give into his darkness he became a monster. By the time we are told that friends and family were unhappy that he was drafted by New England because it would allow the bad influences in his life to constantly drive up and see him, we completely understand why. This is a sad life lost to madness.

If there is any real flaw to the film its that the film is so focused on Hernandez that the people he shot in Boston, who he didn’t know at all, end up getting lost in the story.

Highly recommended

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