Thursday, February 8, 2024

Out of Darkness (2022)

Set 45,000 years ago as a family unit moves across the wilderness looking for a place to call home. The search becomes a fight for their lives as some dark presence is hunting them in the night. Will they make to safety before they are all picked off.

Call this QUEST FOR FIRE meets BONE TOMAHAWK or HILLS HAVE EYES. This is a tense survival story at a time when you really didn’t have any chance of surviving.

I’m kind of mixed on the film. Don’t get me wrong the film looks great. It looks like a time out of time. It is a film with some truly suspenseful sequences. It is a film that hangs as close to a horror film as you can get. The problem is in the details.

As I said the problem is in the details. Everyone and everything looks perfect. Everyone’s hair is perfectly cut. No one is too dirty.  It’s too perfect.  I’m also not a big fan of the made-up language. Sounding more like a version of a Scandinavian language it seemed wrong to me. Honestly, I think I would have liked the film better and been more forgiving of the other details if the just focused on entirely on telling the story rather than setting the scene. I mean I’ll forgive the details if I’m lost in the story, or if I know you aren’t going overboard on the making it perfect.

Quibble side the film still produces chills. I’m not sure it needs the jump scares, but the film is mostly tightly wound for its run time and as such is worth a look.

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