Friday, February 23, 2024

Who Do I Belong To? (2024) Berlin 2024

A mother named Aicha is living in Tunisia with her husband and youngest son. The family is in pain since the older sons, Mehdi and Amine went off to war. When Mehdi unexpectedly returns with a mysterious pregnant wife, a blacker darkness takes over the family and the town.

This is a very well made and moody drama. This film is like being dropped in to an oppressive cloud. Director Meryam Joobeur has created one of the best cinematic moods I've experienced in years. From the very beginning of the film you are in a place that is just like our our own but a couple of degrees to the left. There is a tactile quality the likes of which the vast majority of films never achieve. You can feel the town whee this takes place as if it's just outside your door.

The actors here deserve to win an ensemble award because everyone is across the board great. Containing Seriously this film as some of the best performances you'll see all year. This is what ensemble acting is all about.

As good as all of that is I'm not sure if the narrative wholly works. There are times where the film seems more interested in the mood then the story.  A bit too much is unsaid. Aicha  starts at 11 on the emotional scale and goes higher. As much as I was in love with the mood and the film technically, I was a bit detached  from the story.

Still considering how emotional the film is that's a quibble. You really need to feel how this film plays your emotions


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