Friday, February 23, 2024

Magnum 578 (2023)

Maybe among the many people in the world my father doesn't stand out but to me he is the greatest
- end epigraph

When a long range trucker has to send his little girl to school, he promises to be home every ten days. Unfortunately he quickly regrets doing so when he discovers she has been kidnapped by a rich pervert. He then begins the long battle to find who took her and get her back.

Very messy action film looks great, has kick ass action sequences and gibberish for a script. Seriously the script is really bad. It has a the barest notion of a plot, no real characters just archetypes, and nothing to hang the fights on. Nothing is explained it just happens - often just to keep the film running to its 90 minute run time. I rewatched the first 15 minutes three times just because I was certain I missed something. 


If you want a plot you can skip this film.

On the other hand if you like action this film is for you. The fights are really well done and they keep you watching. (and make you wish for the promised sequel)

For me this was a miss. (Though I love the epigraph it ends with)

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