Monday, February 26, 2024

New York International Children Film Festival 2024 starts Saturday


The New York International Children’s Film Festival starts this weekend and we are better for it.

A favorite of New York for the last 25 years I think I’ve attended everyone except two, the first because I didn’t know of it, and the one year that the festival ran a film or two every weekend for 52 weeks (Because what I wanted to see never lined up to when I could go).

This is a joyous festival that has brought some of the best films around the world into New York. It’s such a well respected festival that  it is the only festival any where in the world that has been allowed to screen the Studio Ghibli Museum short films. Ghibli almost never does this except for very rare, very special occasions such as relief following the Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami. The festival is so good at picking films that they spun of G-Kids Films to handle the release of some of the treasures they found.

As usual I’ve purchased way too many tickets so I’ll be wading in to the fray and the t-shirt tosses with everyone else.  (though it will be for the second and third weekends- a family function is the first.) So look for me at the SVA theater you’ll no me by the monster bag.

And I am pointing out where I am going to be because as always the fest is playing not only across New York City (Alamo Brooklyn, Film Forum, IFC Center, Scandinavia House) but also at the Jacob Burns Center in Pleasantville New York the first weekend and the Sag Harbor Cinema on the final weekend. Don’t worry the non- NYC screenings are of films from the city screenings.

As this posts I’ve previous seen and reviewed ROBOT DREAMS, WHERE IS ANNE FRANK, CHICKEN FOR LINDA and SIROCCO AND THE KINGDOM OF THE WINDS and I will be reposting reviews for all of them. I've also seen four other films since then because I couldn't fit them to my in person schedule: DOUNIA: THE GREAT WHITE NORTH (which you should see if you saw the first film last year, PUFFIN ROCK AND THE NEW FRIENDS (which is a great deal of fun); and STORY AND PICTURES BY (a very good look at the people who make picture books).

My advice is that if you check the slate and see something that is of interest do buy tickets. Buy soon since they are going fast. Also if something seems sold out  you can still try to get tickets  should they release tickets or on the wait line  in person. I’ve almost never seen a screening where people ended up turned away.

And now Its time for me to dig in and get ready to go.  Your job is to check the schedule and buy ticket. Information is here.

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