Thursday, February 29, 2024

Toni (2023) Rendezvous With French Cinema 2024

TONI is an absolute delight.  It gave me more laughs and smiles than most films from the last year.

The barest of plot has to do with Toni, a one time performer, now a single mom to five kids, trying to deal with life and the changes it brings.

Full confession, this was not on my hit list of films to cover for Rendezvous With French Cinema. I did my usual smart ass- send me everything and mixed into the handful of titles was TONI. It was the one that I wasn’t sure I would get to but when a slot opened up I said which film am I not looking forward to…and it was TONI. I figured I would watch a bit and then move on… and instead I started laughing and I never stopped watching.

I love when that happens.

The film works wonders in that the perfectly sly tone is matched by a cast who sell it. They let us know they are buying what is happening and as a result we do too.

What I love are the small technical things that the film does that help sell things. What I’m talking about is things like the way the music is gets clunky when things are off and comes together when life comes together. It’s a small thing but it adds so much. There are other flourishes in the mix that add flavor but I’ll leave those for you to find.

This is a wonderful gem of a film. Its getting to find films like this that Rendezvous with French Cinema is a deep dive for me every year.

Highly recommended.

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