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SCREENINGS AND MORE SCREENINGS!!!!The Japan Society looks at Families, We look to Berlin, NYICFF is on sale, Monster Rama and Mahoning announce titles

Starting this week at the Japan Society’s  latest edition of ACA Cinema Project (Feb. 15-24) opens. This  is focused on  "Family Portrait: Japanese Family in Flux". Starting this week at the Japan Society’s  latest edition of ACA Cinema Project (Feb. 15-24) opens. This  is focused on  "Family Portrait: Japanese Family in Flux". Having seen a number of the films I know what treats await you. Films like TOKYO SONATA from one of my favorite director Kiyoshi Kurasowa, Ozu’s TOKYO TWILIGHT and Hirokazu Kore-eda’s STILL WALKING are of course easy choices.  What you want to do is go beyond those and see  the films by Ryota Nakano who is not well known outside of those who love Japanese cinema. Nakano makes wonderful films that are so good that you kind of wonder why he isn’t better known. I’m thrilled because the series is going to be a chance to catch up on two films that have not played New York. (Look for reviews, hopefully, soon.)

For more information and tickets go here

(But seriously this whole series is stacked top to bottom so just buy tickets and go)


This week also marks the start of the Berlin Film Festival.

As we did last year we will be covering a number of the films playing. Reviews will drop after the embargoes do. 

If I might direct you toward a couple of the best films I’ve seen seen so far:

THE EDITORIAL OFFICE ponders the place of a good man in a corrupt world. It has some stunning sequences that will rock you,

REAS is a wonderful off beat musical recreation of life in an Argentine prison by the people who lived it.  Along the way they form a rock band. It’s just good time with great people,

YOUNG HEARTS is a wonderful film about a first love

RAÍZ  THROUGH   ROCKS AND CLOUDS  is one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. It's also a hell of a good story too.

And for now that’s it. Pieces will be dropping when I am amble to do so.


The New York International Children’s Film Festival announced it’s slate this past Wednesday. It’s a killer collection of films and I can’t wait to see them.

Tickets are on sale for members and to the general public tomorrow.  The festival is going to be all over Manhattan for three weekends in March plus at the Jacob Burns Center in Westchester the first weekend and in Sag Harbor the last one.

I’ve already seen ROBOT DREAMS, WHERE IS ANNE FRANK, CHICKEN FOR LINDA and SIROCCO AND THE KINGDOM OF THE WINDS so I know what there is good stuff playing. Note the last two films will be having Q&As with the filmmakers. I’m planning on going to SIROCCO again to meet the filmmaker.(And there are other Q&As – including one with the director of the new film from Cartoon Saloon- so check the website)

My advice is look over the schedule and make some plans. That’s what I’m doing.

I’ll have more soon

Check here for the festival website

And here for the information at Jacob Burns Film Center

And here for Sag Harbor


They have announced the films for the April Drive in Monsterama at the Riverside Drive-in in Vandergrift PA so start watching their Facebook page for when tickets will go on sale


The Mahoning Drive in has started to post their shows. First up is the annual WIZARD OF OZ / WILLIE WONKA double feature. There is also a listing for a Thursday night screening of REPOMAN and a weekend of double features of original films and remakes (HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and 13 GHOSTS)

Details on their webpage.

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