Friday, February 23, 2024


Alice and Peter are a couple retire and their kids give them  a cruise to celebrate.  After Alice's fiend dies they take her widow along. This causes friction and the couple begin to move apart. When Alice doesn’t return to the cruise after a shore leave their lives are forever altered as what she finds redefines their  relationship.

I am intentionally being obtuse in explaining the plot largely because I went into the film blind as as such I was delighted with each new and unexpected turn. Looking at the  material I was sent on the film  before I saw it, and which I didn’t read, I realized that the synopsis gave too much away. I didn’t need to be told  as much as they offered.

This is a sweet little comedy. It’s a moving tale powered by a great cast who keep things moving. As you would expect from an film not from Hollywood the twists and turns contained in it are truly delightful. I felt I was watching real adults and not some writers idea of older people.

I smiled from start to finish, and considering the heavy films I was watching around it that is more than enough to recommend it for anyone looking for a charming film that isn’t by the numbers.

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