Thursday, February 8, 2024



HERE is a lovely film. I missed it when it played the NYFF last year because of scheduling conflicts. Now that I’ve seen it I’m scratching my head as to why the film wasn’t on many of my colleagues’ best of 2023 list.  More to the point why wasn’t anyone talking about it.

A love letter to Brussels and humanity. In it’s simplest form the film is the story of a man living in Brussels  who is going home to Romania and the interaction he has with the friends he as there including a young woman who is studying moss. It’s a glorious film that is going to make you feel wonderful.

Don’t give me that look, this is a great film. Full of kindness and love. I smiled through the whole damn thing. You will too.

What makes the film work is that this is a slice of life that doesn’t feel like it’s contrived, it simply feels lived in. The recent film from Mexico TOTEM was sold to me as a slice of life, and it was to a degree, however things still felt manipulated. Too much seems to happen in an afternoon. Here things just  seem to happen as they would.

What a Joy.

I absolutely loved this film and I can’t wait to see it again

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