Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Capsule Reviews 5/12/10

M (1951) Joseph Losey directed remake of the Fritz Lang story of a child killer played by David Wayne, and the hunt for the same by the criminals and the police. Its an odd mix of a Film Noir set in the day and a Dragnet style police procedural. Its not the equal of the original but it is a solid film on its own terms. I especially like its examination of the mob mentality. If you can find it do see it.

REPEAT PERFORMANCE (1947) Woman shoots her no good husband just before the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve and then walks out the door to find its a year earlier and it might be possible to change what happened. Very good film about second chances and the choices we are given. A copy was given to me at a nostalgia show by someone who swore it was a lost classic. I don't know about that but it is a film that still haunts me enough that I regret passing on my DVD. Worth a look see.

FOOTSTEPS IN THE FOG (1955) Gothic Film Noir that was shot in widescreen and color that would have been better had the film been in claustrophobic black and white. The plot has Jean Simmons as a maid who finds out her boss Stewart Granger has poisoned his wife. She then blackmails him and things go sideways. Its an interesting film in that there really are no good guys. Its Victorian London setting makes this an odd Film Noir. Its not the best film ever made but for those who like Noir and who want something different this is the way to go.

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