Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Power of Nightmares

3 part BBC documentary/essay that is strangely available in the US, which is something I didn't think would ever happen. I got a copy from the first 3 issues of Wholphin the McSweeney's sister DVD magazine which had one part in each issue.

The film shows how the rise of fundamentalist Islam began at the same time as the birth of the neo-conservative movement and how the two are variations of the same theme (which is the reason why I don't think this won't play well in Peoria). The film suggests that both groups want to gain power by creating a world view that will allow them to rule by fear. It also supposes that the grand terrorist network isn't there and that the Islamic war we fear isn't going to happen.

Enlightening, frightening and the sort of thing that gets the little grey cells going. This is an interesting historical look at the way things are and why we are in the situation we're in. No matter what your political beliefs are the film gives enough detail to help you be better informed.

Its not the be all and end all since while it does connect many of the dots it also leaves out many details that could color the central thesis. As with history as presented in many films things aren't this neat. The film was also a bit more timely when it was made and at this point several years have passed since it was put together, much has happened, and I'm not certain all of the points still hold true.

The films biggest flaw, if you can call it that, is that the film is much too long at three hours. To be certain the film was made to be seen on three nights over three weeks, but the amount of information contained is so dense even that is too much (I watched this over a couple of days and felt overwhelmed by it. I was almost ready to hang it up half way in simply because its just too much.)

Too much or not its worth seeing, or rather it still demands to be seen simple because it will put things in to a new perspective. Is it the correct one? I don't know that would be fore you to decide, but make the choice and try and see this.

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