Wednesday, May 26, 2010

King Kong (1933)

Yes, the original King Kong.

And yes, I know you've seen it but hear me out...I just saw it Brooklyn Academy of Music on a big screen and trust me, you haven't seen it until you see it on a big screen.

There is something different seeing it as a HUGE all enveloping image. I never really had a sense of size, of the wall, of Kong, of New York, of everything. It's one thing to see Kong and Ann in a perfectly composed shots on TV, its another to see a huge Kong standing over a small Ann, and having to turn your head to move from one to the next to take in the whole image. The scale of the image puts you on Skull Island. It blew my mind.

Also blowing my mind was the little details I never noticed before, the tiny figures moving in the background, of other details that are lost on the small screen. One of the things that amazed me was seeing Driscoll trailing Kong through the jungle. Actually it wasn't so much his trailing of Kong, rather it was the fact that it was an animated figure. I never noticed that. More importantly I never noticed the numerous animated people in the backgrounds.

There is so much I didn't notice until I saw it on the big screen.

Trust me, until you see it on the big screen you haven't seen it either.

Seeing it on the big screen I finally understood why the film has survived for 80 years.

If you get the chance to see it on the big screen, do so. It will change your opinion of the film.

In all honesty this is an unseen film, yes most people have seen it, but most people haven't SEEN it.

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