Monday, May 17, 2010

Ticket to Paradise (1936)

Super little romantic comedy has a man in a hurry for a meeting getting into a cab and after telling the cabbie to hurry to the station, ending up in car accident and losing his memory. Armed with 10 grand in his pocket he jumps on a train hoping to figure out who he really is. Once in New York he ends up hooked up with an heiress who tries to help him find himself and the pair ends up falling in love.

Charming off kilter film with great characters and an unending sense of fun. I put this on last night expecting nothing but a background time killer and instead found myself utterly charmed as "John Doe" and his lady love cook up scheme after scheme to help him find his memory. Its not always laugh out loud funny but I don't think the smile left my face at all during its 65 minute running time. Its one of those movies I plan to hand off to friends and revisit myself. One of the best finds of the year. Definitely worth a look.

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