Sunday, May 2, 2010

The End: Tribeca Day 7

I finished my time at Tribeca with a pair of films one good and one less so.

KEEP SURFING (2010) is one of the best sports documentaries I've ever seen. I picked up a ticket because I was curious what river surfing was. Now I know. Soon you will too. I'm going to have to write up a proper review. Just know its amazing and that the director,Bjorn Richie Lob, who stood next to me for a large portion of the film, is a great guy.

INTO THE COLD (2010) Sebastian Copeland's self serving documentary about his trip to the North Pole in honor of Robert Perry and Robert Henson's trip a hundred years before isn't very good. Its a beautiful film to look at, however the sound track is so full of purple prose and "deep meaning" that it all becomes silly (the poor music choices doesn't help either). It's not until Copeland and Keith Heger start out on the ice that things become less silly. What really amazed me was that Perry and Henson are barely mentioned and unless you know who they were you'd have no idea who he's talking about. I won't get into the talk of climate change, which plays a huge role in the film, and is handled in a manner that is going to annoy more than inform. Wait for a TV airing and turn the sound off.

I'll be posting a wrap up post on my feelings toward the festival tomorrow or the next day

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