Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This film blindsided me. I had come home from a terrible film at the Tribeca Film Festival and wanted to see something good. I needed to see something to restore my faith in films and in the film festival. To that end I went searching the Pay Per View films that were playing at the film festival and picked this one. The choice was made pretty much blindly. I based the choice on a couple of over heard conversations from people in the theater earlier in the evening where several people discussed wanting to see the film.

From the instant the film began I was hooked. Here was a film that lived and breathed like a movie should. Here was a film with stunning visuals and infectious music and the most wonderful characters. It was a film that was a wonderful and the film earlier in the evening had been miserable.

The story of the film has a young man named Vishnu uncertain about his future. He doesn’t want to sell the hair oil his father produces, not does he know what he wants to do. When the opportunity comes for him to drive an uncle’s portable cinema across the country to its new owner, he takes it. Packed up with food water and a generous supply of hair oil he heads off on an adventure that will change how he views life.

I find this to be a magical film. It’s a film that I liked so much that I watched it three times over the course of a weekend. I frequently have a tough time getting through a movie one time, but here is a film that I liked so much that I felt I had to see it a second and third time. As much I didn’t like the trekking to and from the Tribeca film festival this was a film that seriously considered making a special trip in to see on the big screen. The only thing that stopped me was the realization that the film would be playing at friendlier times after the festival at a cinema in the city.

What do I like about the film? As I said the characters, the photography and especially the music which wraps everything up in a cozy blanket of sound. Actually there is something more something special that I can’t yet put my finger on. I don’t think I really know. It’s just a film that resonates with me in a way that few films have. I know that I’ll be seeing the film several more times over the next few days and weeks as I return to again and again. You need to see this film. Its magical.

Currently in release in theaters in the US and on cable as an on demand film.

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